Lalita Nijhawan hails from a family that has dedicated their lives and wealth for the welfare of society. She has taken forward this responsibility with complete commitment and vigour. She is also involved in social work such as providing medical and educational facilities to the less fortunate. She is involved in several social projects that include running different centres for skill development in rural areas, orphanages, women’s rights and empowerment. She has concentrated her energies to uplift the poor that live in urban and rural parts of India.

Lalita Nijhawan is actively associated with FICCI, and has represented Indian women in the U.S. and Canada. She has spoken on Indian Women for the New Jersey Television. She is the President of CKRDT Foundation that helps different organisations in the country for nation building activities. She has awarded cheque money to national bhajan singers in Mumbai for a some years.

As an educationist, she funds schools in tribal areas of Banswara. There are about 346 schools and 42,000 students. These schools have now spread to Tripura where there are 345 schools and 12254 students. Recently, she has adopted villages in Orissa.

She is also funding an orphanage in Haridwar, where there are 98 girls; they nurture, educate get them married and provide them job opportunities. Some girls have become teachers. She is also funding Panini Kanya Vidyalaya in Varanasi. She helped with the betterment in infrastructure of the schools in tribal villages of Banswara by facilitating funds for toilets.

She is the co-convener of GIA (Group of Intellectuals & Academicians) which was started in 2015. They take up different issues which are ailing the country. They have successfully published four magazines on the socio-cultural events of India and also publish their fact finding reports that are presented to authorities. They hold seminars, discussions in universities, and empower girls in colleges all over the country. GIA has also educated girls of Delhi University regarding the different schemes started by the current government which are women friendly.

She has been working for women and girls belonging to the vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society that are living in tribal areas. When she started on her endeavor there were no roads to the villages, to hire one teacher  was an impossible task, and now the area is flourishing.

Along with education in tribal areas she is also working to arrange medical facilities like vaccinations, polio drops and have been holding classes to teach them about hygiene, sanitation and arranging for doctors to give them a talk.

She has made efforts towards environmental protection by planting trees in urban areas, and creating awareness amongst children by assigning them the responsibility of nurturing the plants.

As the Vice President of a school she has distributed sports goods to all students who participated in the workshop conducted on 27th of August, 2016. She identified and discussed the most concerning issue of our nation in her interviews with AIR, News4City, Lok Sabha TV (Jan Paksh), India News and News Nation like women empowerment, role of education for girls, growth of India as a nation involving all sectors, and the 2017 budget of India. She actively participates in seminars like Triple Talaq, Uniform Civil Code, Nationalism etc. to improve the position of women in our society.