Urban Naxals: The blood thirsty chameleons

Is Naxalism just an ideology?
Is it followed by the tribals?
Does it have followers in the cities?

The poor have no ideology.
They follow an ideologist, one who paints them a rosier picture.
This ideology was efficiently transcribed by Charu Majumder, who wanted to alleviate poor tribals from the affliction of poverty.
What started in a small town called Naxabari in West Bengal soon spread like wild fire and subsumed the neighbouring states.
It carved a path in the woods, a road not hitherto taken.

While the Zamindari oppression was soon and successfully brought to a excruciating demise. The ideology of the Naxalites didn’t remain incorruptible for long, following the death of Charu Majumdar, the movement lost its purpose and sheen.

The road not taken became the road that should not have been taken.
In order to keep their funds flowing, the Naxals kidnap innocent civilians, through whom they demand a ransom.
They are known to take bribes from trucks that pass through the red corridor.
Reports of looting civilians that pass through the forests are also afloat.

The ideologists turned into mass murderers, they ironically became the enemy they were fighting against.

The spread is out of context if one looks at ‘Zamindari oppression’ as the seat of the movement.
In order to understand how these states came to be roped in, we need to look at the larger ideologues that the Naxals operate on.

The Red corridor developed along Odisha, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh.
However today, in roads are reaching Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala.
The blue print for the future of the red corridor is bereft of buildings, roads, infrastructure, technology and development.
From the undergrowths of the mineral rich states, the chameleons have emerged into the city. The well educated and well aware, entitled, empowered citizens have been roped in their false narratives of growth and development.

The Urban Naxals
Sitting camouflaged behind the bushes and thickets of the jungle, the Naxalites could well orchestrate their guerrilla warfare tactics. However in order to seep into the urban landscape they figured it needed more than physical strength and so began the steady infestation of the mind.
They targeted scapegoats; intellectually pretentious people of the society that occupied the urban hinterlands.

The reach has cast a murky spider web of university lecturers, IT professionals, doctors, engineers, media and the most innocuous of all, students.
Professors have misused their seat of power and tool of empowerment to brainwash the youth of the nation, to drag them into their sorry network of destructive politics.

Universities are making to headlines not for their excellence in education but rather for the political turmoil, the ideological unrest, the intellectual debilitation.

Students are yelling about deconstruction, demolition, unrest. They are being injected the serum of soft terrorism into their brains.
The credit goes to the Maoists who have successfully created the Urban Naxals.

With youthful entrants such as Kanhaiya Kumar, Swara Bhaskar and Jignesh Mewani, Umar Khalid, the rhetorics of debate, discussion and dissent have changed.
They are now channels of mass propaganda, hate speech, calling upon nothing short of destruction and demolition.

In his book titled ‘Urban Naxals’, Vivek Agnihotri exposes the intricate and sublime network of urban naxals, where they indoctrinate youth with extreme left anti-India ideology through a hierarchal structure.
He gives a chilling firsthand account where he faced violence and resistance from students across Universities such as Jadavpur university, JNU, Indian Institute of Technology IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IIT Gandhinagar, National Law School (NLU), National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR)
A network of universities in a posh urban India, where dissent is not worded, it is acted through violence.
Is this what we want our students, our youth and our nation to become?
A harmless filmmaker was at the edge of being lynched for showing a movie that most denied to see

But surely such a destructive ideological movement couldn’t have survived without support.
Over its dynastic decade long rule, Congress has warmed the seat for the Naxals, it has handed support to their existence and spread.
Making all odds meet, the politics of destruction has united.

They have ensured that the vicious cycle of poor getting poorer and rich getting richer would remain a cliché for as long as they exist.
Like the age old adage says, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Congress chose to give fishes and so the mandate remained to give out doles to the poor and continue their cycle of oppression.
This although ensures a faithful vote bank, it never truly gets them out of the quick sand.

It continues to play the messiah by tearing apart the binding Hindu fabric.
It continues to pit Hindus against Muslims, Brahmins against Dalits in 2018.
Where the narrative of the common populace is far from such caste division, it uses intellectual terrorism

Let us not allow these political narratives to shape our minds and encourage us to become appendages of destruction.
Students of India! Behold! You are above this mediocre fight.
You are the new light that the country is aspiring to become, do not let the camouflaged terrorists dictate your path to development.

Sit back, look around, contemplate and introspect.
Watch your words, scrutinise your actions.
You are wiser than falling prey to the Urban Naxalism.
You are the new leaders!

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