Urban Naxals: The Enemy within

Demolition of school buildings
Tribal women raped
Civilians kidnapped
Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) persons killed
Ransoms demanded
and yet Naxals are called revolutionaries and not terrorists.

The complexity of their existence lies in the dual roles they play, one covert as tribal sympathisers and revolutionaries and another overt as extortionists, terrorists, blood hungry rebels.

Since 1972, Naxalite insurgence has shed all capes it donned for relieving the rural people from the Zamindar’s oppression.
The Zamindars have disappeared from the modern day discourse.
Yet the spite of the tribals has remained the same across decades.

In 1972, following the death of Charu Majumdar, the Naxalite movement emerged in a fresh light; a light that blinds the eyes.
In the years that came, the red corridor had painted the town anything but red.
It gave leeway to new appendages, the ‘intellectual terrorists’


Somewhere between 4 G (4thgeneration Spectrum) and 4 GW (4thGeneration warfare) India has moved ahead and paradoxically retrogressed.
Some of the mealy mouthed intellectuals have discretely doubled as ‘Urban naxals’.

Urban naxals are the present day liaisons to the Naxalite movement.
They are the new extortionists, the new oppressors, the new roadblocks to development in whose name they thrive.

They have done a meticulous job in remaining hidden for decades.
A harmful nexus of university professors, media men, intelligentsia, IT professionals and medical practitioners has emerged.
Sitting in their comfortable air conditioned rooms, often living off the government’s subsidies, the tax payer’s money; these naxals have been engaging in causing irreversible harm to our nation.

They target the students, who are as naïve as a goat that is about to be butchered and turned into minced meat, after being well fed and well taken care of.
Universities have become the safe havens of these urban intellectual terrorists who deliver instructions, hiding behind their innocent lecturer costumes.
Just like their compatriots, the Naxals who hide in the thickets and undergrowths of the tribal hinterland.
Look around, maybe you’ll find a terrorist, right next to you.

The venomous speech of the intellectual propaganda cannot be denied, the words ‘bharat tere tukde honge’ will echo from the walls of Jawarharlal Nehru University to the entire country.
Pillars of education where debate and discussion have been taken for granted, are hotbeds of left terrorists, discretely introducing students to sinister propaganda.
It is a slow poison and it acts like Cancer, it spreads before you know you have reached Stage 4 GW.

Where students sat under trees and engaged in revered debates with their professors in gurukuls, today the guru has robbed them of knowledge, of intellectual development; he slow poisons them to believe in anti-establishment, destruction, disintegration.
With youthful entrants such as Kanhaiya Kumar, Swara Bhaskar and Jignesh Mewani, Umar Khalid, the rhetorics of debate, discussion and dissent have changed.
They are now channels of mass propaganda, hate speech, calling upon nothing short of destruction and demolition.


In his book titled ‘Urban Naxals’, Vivek Agnihotri exposes the intricate and sublime network of urban naxals, where they indoctrinate youth with extreme left anti-India ideology through a hierarchal structure.
He gives a chilling firsthand account where he faced violence and resistance from students across Universities such as Jadavpur university, JNU, Indian Institute of Technology IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IIT Gandhinagar, National Law School (NLU), National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR)
A network of universities in a posh urban India, where dissent is not worded, it is acted through violence.
Is this what we want our students, our youth, our nation to become?
A harmless filmmaker was at the edge of being lynched for showing a movie that most denied to see.
Macaulay wanted to destruct India’s culture and use it to their advantage by the divide and rule principle.
It appears that the Britishers passed on the beacon of destruction of India to the Congress party. And congress party has made the seat warm for the Naxals.


All congress has done in its decade long rule is to masquerade its incapacity by giving out doles to appease what it calls the minority section.
To make sure that they remain a faithful minority vote base, Congress has never truly dug them out of impoverishment.
It continues to play the messiah by tearing apart the binding Hindu fabric.
It continues to pit Hindus against Muslims, Brahmins against Dalits in 2018.
Where the narrative of the common populace is far from such caste division, it uses intellectual terrorism.

Congress has coordinated well with the Naxalite movement, the urban naxals strive to keep the issue of oppression alive.
While the challenges to this country lay in a plethora of issues such as child labour, sex trafficking, terrorism, substance abuse, the focus has been shifted to secularism, intolerance.
Problems are created, issues are staged and the youth brainwashed.


They are like the synapse, whose structure is not definitely visible.
Whose existence is inevitable to pass information from one neuron to another.
The Naxals have spread like the neurons and they use these synapses in the urban area as their linkages, their informants, their underground workers.
These transition points must be exposed, dealt with a blow.
The door to intellectual terrorism must be shut, before it makes the system collapse under its own weight.
Look around before it’s too late!

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